staring at the sun

Boyfriend and I have spent the last two Saturdays biking around the city in gorgeous weather. Yesterday we went 30km from his place to Westboro beach and then back downtown to my place. Various rest stops and lunch somewhere in there too.

We bike along the path through fields, along the river, in the forest, and by the beach. It serves as a great reminder that this city is beautiful and has so much to offer. Also a reminder that I could really use a new bike…

Friendship isn’t about who you’ve known the longest. It’s about who walked into your life, said “I’m here for you” and proved it.

– (via mylesbworld) Via I SAID YOU DO.

Another little apartment project complete!

I bought four chairs off kijiji and have spent the last few weeks sanding, priming, and painting (two coats!) to finish my little dining area. I’m really happy with how it’s all come together. Can you tell I like blue?

Probably time to host a dinner party… exciting!

Can’t get enough of this skit lately. I’m pretty sure I’ve watched it a dozen times.

"Insubordinate… and churlish!"

Violin Update

This week I had my first violin lesson with my new teacher, Kathryn. She’s super friendly and fun and I already love her teaching style. She plays her violin along with me and demonstrates techniques. Also she seemed pretty impressed with how far along I’d come in just a year - I’m ready for the level three book!

Playing with guns today after work at the Army Run staging area. Guns!

Newborn baby Alastair.
And for fun, throwback to newborn baby Finn in 2011:

They sure look alike!

Newborn baby Alastair.

And for fun, throwback to newborn baby Finn in 2011:

They sure look alike!


Alastair Gordon

Born September 17, 2014

Impending Human Baby 2.0


Due two days ago! Still not here! 

Still waiting. A week overdue now! Come onnnnnn baby girl!

Via staring at the sun

Impending Human Baby 2.0

Due two days ago! Still not here! 

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Spent the beginning of the week in Birch Run, Michigan with Mum n Dad doing some outlet shopping. I spent a buttload of money, however I did come away with quite a lot of stuff. Particularly some work clothes which I desperately needed.
America is sooo cheap! I couldn’t believe the prices of liquor and beer. And the amount and variety of junk food is astounding. (This probably sounds like I’ve never left small town Ontario, but I’ve been to the States many, many times before. I guess I just noticed this stuff more this time.)
We also made a side trip to Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland - the largest Christmas store in the world - which I loved of course.

Oh America, never change.

Hellooooooo, beautiful!

After coveting this dutch oven for the last few years, I finally went for it (and got a pretty great deal) while outlet shopping in the US. Pretty excited to get cooking!

Off home for summer holidays! Looking forward to the much needed break and change of pace.

A beautiful afternoon spent at Britannia Beach!

We brunched at Deacon Brodie’s before heading to the beach where we soaked up the sunshine and hot weather, played frisbee, splashed around, and had an ice cream cone. Couldn’t ask for a much better Sunday afternoon.

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